H2S Stripper and Stabilizer

A H2S stripper (also named H2S stabilizer) is a tower used in the oil and gas industry to remove hydrogen sulfide (H2S) from oil or gas streams. Hydrogen sulfide is a toxic and highly corrosive gas that is often found in natural gas, crude oil, and other hydrocarbon streams.

For stripping process, the crude oil enters from the top of the column and Nitrogen/Fuel Gas is introduced through the bottom. Crude oil flows downwards through the structured packing or trays and comes in contact with the stripping gas. The stripping gas absorbs H2S present in the Crude Oil and leaves from the top of the column to incinerator or flare. The sweet crude oil flows out of the column through the bottom and pumped to a storage tank.

The purpose of the H2S stripper is to ensure that the gas or oil stream meets the required specifications for sulfur content before being transported or processed further. It helps to prevent the corrosion of equipment, protect the environment, and ensure the safety of personnel working with the gas or oil.