Structured Packing “PG” Series

This type of Structured Packing is made of mesh type gauze woven by metal wire and is mainly used to enhanced separation characteristics for fine chemicals, perfumery, and pharmacy. It is normally manufactured with very high surface area [500 m²/m³ and 750 m²/m³]

  • Superior wetting ability owing to capillarity
  • High separation efficiency /High number of theoretical stages
  • Lower specific pressure drop
  • Small liquid hold-up

"PG" Series Properties

Panta-Pak Surface Area(m²/m³) Corrugation Angle Relative HETP
PG-500M2 500 60˚ 0.8
PS-750M1 750 45˚ 0.6
PG-750M1 750 45˚ 0.33