Packed Column Internals

Packed Columns play an important role in distillation, absorption and stripping processes.

You can see the information of the key design and specification of column packings and packed column internals including :

  • Random Packing
  • Structured Packing
  • Liquid Distributor
  • Collector/Chimney Tray
  • Support Grid
  • Hold down Grid


Fractionation Tray

Tray columns play an important role in fractionating processes in the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industries.

Characteristics which tend to favour trayed columns in fractionating and separation columns are:

  • Operation flexibility
  • High liquid load traffic handling
  • Suitable for fouling systems
  • Suitable for corrosive/erosive services

Separator Internals

PANTAN design and manufacture wide range of separator internals based on well established, tried and tested, industry standard design concepts with unique mechanical enhancements to ensure effective and reliable performance.

This section provides details of the complete range of separation equipment including:

  • Wire Mesh Mist Eliminators (Panta Mesh™)
  • Vane Mist Eliminators (Panta Vane™)
  • Multiple Cyclone Mist Eliminators (Panta Spin™)
  • Plate Pack Coalescers (Panta Settle™)
  • Feed Inlet Devices (Panta Inlet™)


Reactor Internals

PANTAN design and manufacture a wide range of reactor internals for media retention for both axial flow and for radial flow Reactors.

AXIAL Flow Reactor

The down flow or up flow systems are widely used in Desulfurizers, Hydrotreaters, Hydrocrackers, Molecular Sieves, Gas Sweeteners and other Absorption Process. PANTAN design and manufacture wide range of internals for these systems to retain the media and to provide a proper collection area for the process flow across the entire vessel diameter or length. These are:

  • Quench Mixer
  • Catalyst Support Grid
  • Scale Trap
  • Inlet Diffuser
  • Outlet Collector

RADIAL Flow Reactor

The radial flow systems are widely used in Catalytic Reforming, Styrene Dehydrogenation, NOX Removal Systems, Solvent Recovery, Ammonia Converters, and Isomerization Processes.

These reactor are employed for their high-volume flow capacity with minimal pressure drop Radial flow systems increase contact efficiency between the process stream and catalyst bed which causes vessel size reduction. These type of reactors not only produce a higher yield, but also they are more energy efficient.

The main internals of a radial flow reactor are: