Demister Pad

Panta Mesh™ Mist Eliminator comprises a pad of knitted wire mesh sandwiched between two rigid grids to provide support. Liquid mists collect on the wires as the bulk vapor travels through the pad. The collected liquid droplets coalesce into a continuous film on the wires and drain from the mesh under gravity. Droplet removal is by inertial impaction. As the gas flows through the Panta Mesh™ pad, it must flow around the dense matrix form by the knitted wire and as a result the entrained liquid droplets will tend to collide and coalesce on the wire surfaces. The coalesced liquids will tend to be retained on the wire surface by capillary action and will drain from the Panta Mesh™ pad under gravity unless the gas velocity or liquid loading exceeds the capacity limit. Removal of any droplet size can be calculated based on centrifugal forces and Stokes Law.

  • Increasing Gas Velocity
  • Increasing Gas and Liquid density difference
  • Decreasing Gas Viscosity
  • Increasing Mesh Density
  • Increasing Mesh Pad Thickness