Liquid Distributor Model TD-112

To acquire the maximum efficiency in packed column, liquid should be distributed uniformly over the packed bed.Therefore, Liquid Distributors are used above each bed of packing.Good practice designed distributors have following specifications:

  • Uniform liquid distribution
  • Operation flexibility through the turn down range
  • Low vapor pressure drop
  • Low liquid residence time
  • Capability to be used as combined with collector for re-distribution
  • Minimum distributor height
  • Fouling resistance
  • Cross mixing capability

Properties Table of Distributor Model TD-112


Drip Panel Trough Distributor


>900 mm

Irrigation Rate

> 30 m³/hm²

Resistance to Fouling


Turndown Ratio


Holes Position

80 - 200 drip points /m²

Drip points Density

Square pattern punched in the trough’s side which is covered with drip Panel